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Professional Services - Web Development and Hosting

Nord Enterprises is proud to offer a full range of web development and maintenance services. Whether you are new to the web or internet savvy, our consultants can provide a total solution to web enable your business.

Electronic Commerce: By far the easiest cost justification for a web presence is the potential to capture additional revenues. Whether your needs are back office, business to business, or public retailing, Nord Enterprises can guide you through the process of transacting business over the Internet. Our consultants are knowledgeable in all aspects of electronic commerce -- from security to marketing. We also have experience with many of the leading packaged tools to help you establish a custom interface without the cost of building from scratch.

Inter/Intra-Net Design: The web is fast becoming an information portal for mass communications. Whether your needs are internal (e.g. remote T&E entry for a far-flung sales organization) or external (e.g. electronic catalogue as a substitute for mass mailings), we can help you design both the site functionality and the internal business processes to streamline your operations.

Database Integration: Many companies have made significant investments in back office systems (e.g. financial, human resource) and have been rewarded with a wealth of information in the form of an open database. Many tools are available to allow web access to this data without the cost of mass rollouts of expensive application software. Nord Enterprises can evaluate your options that range from a single stand-alone utility (e.g. OneWeb) to the proprietary tools offered with most ERP suites.

Site Design and Graphics: In many areas of the web, notably marketing, the look and feel of your site is as important as its content and functionality. Nord Enterprises provides graphics and site design services that not only support the operation of your site, but also serve as a marketing tool providing you with a competitive advantage.

Site Hosting: Once the production and deployment of your web solution is in place, you'll want to get back to business. Nord Enterprises offers site hosting and maintenance services so that your site stays operational and remains current. Our servers are the latest in technology, and downtime is virtually non-existent. Our site hosting solutions start small and afforable, so a small business can have a professional web presence without expensive overhead, but can scale to support any size or complexity needed.

Internet Programming: While our focus is on web development using the latest packages and advanced tools, Nord Enterprises has full command of the basics of Internet coding. If your unique needs call for custom code, we can provide programming services utilizing all the major languages.

Seminars and Training: Whether you are an executive looking for the big picture,
a user looking to be more content/maintenance self-reliant, or an advanced web developer looking to pick up some specific technical skills, we can craft a training program for you.