Nord Enterprises - We specialize in HOA and Community Website Hosting Solutions

Custom Solutions may sound like an overly broad category, but we feel it is the only appropriate way to describe the breadth and depth of development skills that Nord Enterprises' consultants have to offer.

Our talented professionals can tackle any technical task you may need assistance with, from something as small as converting a single data file in support of a new financial package implementation, to something as large as designing, implementing, and hosting an entire e-commerce enabled web site.  From something as simple as writing a Visual Basic program to filter data as it flows from one system to another, or as complex as adding a complete custom functional module to a packaged system such as PeopleSoft or Pivotal.

Our strength is in the flexibility of our team, and our mission is to provide you with the exact solution you need. We're not one of the "Big 5", so we won't turn away a one day project, or use high pressure sales tactics to turn a one day project into a one year project.  On the other hand, we have "Big 5" level skills, and if your situation requires a one year project, you can rest assured the professionals of Nord Enterprises will be focused on completing the project on-time and on-budget.

Please visit the Professional Services section to learn more about some of the areas in which we can provide a custom solution for you.  Make us part of your technical team, let us lead your technical team, or let us be your technical team  --  in any case, we'll be committed to your success and reaching the goal of "Problem Solved".