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The use of outsourcing in the world of finance and accounting is nothing new.  Reputable third parties have been providing services ranging from payroll processing to AR collections for years.  The trouble with traditional outsourcers, though, is the inflexible nature of their offerings.  Best case, you structure your data to fit cleanly through a pre-configured, offsite application and hope that the results -- both data and transactions -- return accurate.  Worst case, you delegate actual transaction disposition to a third party in hopes that results you no longer control mesh with the remainder of your operation.

At Nord Enterprises, we think of outsourcing in a different way. Rather than market cloneable applications in a cookie cutter fashion, we look at your business from a functional (not a computer application) perspective. True, we have access to stable facilities and quality software. More importantly, though, we offer relief. For the small business owner who should be growing that business, we offer relief from the chores of keeping the books and paying the bills. For larger organizations, we offer relief from information overload in the form of advanced financial processes designed by CFO-level consultants.

Take a look at our service offerings on the Professional Services pages. You'll see a lot of the same application expertise that other outsourcers provide. And we DO have technical expertise -- from certified accountants to certified engineers -- to solve the day to day problems. But you'll also see a business model that is just a bit different. Nord Enterprises will fill a functional role within YOUR system. We'll measure our contribution by the quality of the operation we run together, and we'll price our services accordingly. So don't get frustrated by outsourcing quotes based on checks cut, W-2's filed, and computer use measured. That's not what matters to your business. Let us quote you a weekly rate for function by function relief based on your needs and specifications.