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Vendor Partnerships

GERS - excellence in retail systems

Wonderware - Process Manufacturing Solutions

Medibase - solutions for health care information

Excellence by Association 

Impartiality in a consultant is a good thing.  At Nord Enterprises we haven't earned a dime selling application software, and with this independence comes the objectivity to truly focus on meeting our clients needs. 

So why have we developed partnerships with software vendors?  The answer is simple, and it is the same reason many of our clients choose to purchase software from these fine companies.  They build solutions that work.  For many of our clients, these systems work without substantial modification.  We don't sell these products, but we have chosen them secure in the knowledge that they will form the backbone of many successful engagements for us.

Our partners have invited us to join the inner circle of their consulting organizations.  We have access to their collateral materials and we utilize their infrastructure.  We are comfortable in their facilities--from Atlanta to Boston to San Diego--and we know the players.  More importantly, these firms are comfortable having Nord Enterprises implement their software.  In many cases, we are asked to join their internal teams to complete large or complex projects.  We don't sell these products, but we know how to make them work for our clients. 

Link up to the web sites above.  Check out the retail offerings of GERS. Compare the Wonderware process manufacturing capabilities to those of far more expensive products.  Review how Medibase can solve your MPI duplicate issues.  We think you will like what you see because we did. 

If you do like what you see, give us a call.  We won't try to sell you any software.  But if you are ready to implement, we are ready to make these fine products meet your business needs -- objectively and economically.